The House Church featured on the NBC Nightly News on October 21st, 2010. Open Gate Ministries - Pastor Mike Trazinski - A House Church which meets in West Springfield Massachusetts, Enfield and Granby Connecticut and more.SCHEDULE

A House Church Ministry Serving The North-Central Connecticut &South-Western Massachusetts Region
Prayer Request Update...
Sat, Sep 8 2012 05:03 --
Gloria continues to get better and The Ministry Of Jean and Teisa Nicolebetter! We even took her out of the house to celebrate Dea's birthday (one of the missionaries). This was her first outing (beside doctors visits) since coming out of the hospital!

Speaking of improvements- MCV has enjoyed some great additions too! Enjoy this post I just wrote about the new Prayer Hut and Playground! There are some great pictures too!
CT and MA Ministry Region Map
Where Do You Fit In? Consider The Home Church Difference! With Pastor Mike Trazinski, as featured on NBC Nightly News.We consist of a diverse group of believers from all different walks of life...
...come together for our common love of Christ and a desire to worship the Lord and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in a way that the traditional, large, modern church is not able. We are a "Home Church"...
...also known as a "House Church" or "Cell Church".
Instead of meeting each Sunday morning in a large building as one very large group, we meet once each week in small groups of around a dozen-or-so, in the homes of our church members ...just as the believers did in the first century. This allows us all to be better able to meet each other's needs because...
The groups are small enough that everyone knows one another and if they'd like to, each person has a chance to share...
...a word from the Lord ...a message from their heart ...a prayer request ...or a question.
The groups meet on different days of the week... Sunday Morning Sunday Evening Wednesday Evening Thursday Evening and Friday Night Prayer ...allowing people to attend church who would otherwise be unable to do so due to schedule conflicts.
The groups are able to minister in the more comfortable, family-like atmosphere of a home. A place where talking, sharing, laughing and loving are already familiar for all.

Then, once a month all of our individual home churches meet together in a church building, just like a
traditional church, so that the entire church body can meet to fellowship and worship the Lord together as one whole corporate body!

If this type of church sounds like it's right for you, then all we have to say is...
If this type of church sounds like it's right for you, then all we have to say is... Welcome Home!

Pastors Mike & Colette Trazinski...Do you have any questions?
...Would you like to find out more about us, or perhaps join us for a home fellowship meeting?
Then please feel free to call and speak with Pastors
Mike and Colette Trazinski


They would be happy to assist you in any way that they can!

Open Gate Ministries
Featured on
NBC Nightly News
October 21, 2010


Click to see the news story - Open Gate Ministries - Featured on NBC Nightly News on October 21, 2010

Open Gate Ministries
Featured in
The Hartford Courant
March 28, 2011

Sing Of Salvation...
Sip Some Suds

January 2011
SOURCE: Associated Press/


TWO HARBORS, MN -- It was a Sunday during Advent, and inside a small pub a few blocks up from the north shore of Lake Superior, 17 people gathered around four bar-top tables shoved into a ring. Betsy Nelson, the bar's cook, lit two candles with a cigarette lighter as Addison Houle strapped on an acoustic guitar and sang a slightly off-key rendition of "We Three Kings." Curt "Fish" Anderson sipped a beer as TVs overhead flickered with NFL pregame shows...  

House Church:
Skip The Sermon, Worship At Home

July 25 2010
Linda Stewart Ball - Associated Press Writer

DALLAS - To get to church on a recent Sunday morning, the Yeldell family walked no farther than their own living room to greet fellow worshippers.

The members of this "house church" are part of what experts say is a fundamental shift in the way U.S. Christians think about church. Skip the sermons, costly church buildings and large, faceless crowds, they say. House church is about relationships forged in small faith communities.
Measuring the
House Church Movement

September 2009

Measuring the House Church MovementWhat's in a phrase? When the phrase is house church, a lot-or at least enough to prompt one-third of all adults to say they're a part of one. According to research from George Barna, 33 percent of people responding to a dozen national surveys indicated they have experienced God or shared their faith in the last month with a group meeting in a home environment. But before you assume the simple church movement is spreading like wildfire in the United States as it has in other countries, think again...  


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