From the beginning,
Open Gate Ministries has had a primary goal
of short-term, global missions trips.

We believe that each believer in the church should have the opportunity to go on missions trips to spread the good news of the gospel.  We believe that missions ministry should not be limited to only a select few people who act in the role of "professional" missionaries.  

We have repeatedly fulfilled this goal over the years - having sent teams of people from the church to places all around the world - places such as Africa, the Philippines, Russia, Spain, and Morocco.

These teams have been made up of church leaders and church congregants, and the experience has been rewarding for all . . . both those of us in the church who have gone and those to whom we have brought the good news of the gospel.

Because we meet in homes, we do not have the enormous expense of maintaining a church building (rent/mortgage, electricity, heating, etc) which frees our church to instead use such maintenance monies toward sending teams around the world.