Our Vision

We firmly believe that every man, woman, and child has a vital purpose and place and that we are meant to work together as a team ... one body with Christ as the head.

It is our conviction that the teaching and preaching of the scriptures should be relevant to the needs of the people and able to speak to and through everyone in the body, not just the scholars and clergy.

As such, it is our practice that each person within each home group be given the opportunity to share and contribute their insights, observations, and questions when meeting together.  The Home Church setting is unique in this way, as it allows for this type of interaction between the group members whereas this is just not possible in a large church setting.

We encourage our members to actively seek God's will for their lives, finding and fulfilling the full potential of their calling.  Many of our church members have done just that and are now actively pursuing God's will for their lives, serving Him through the ministries that were birthed within their spirits.  Our MEMBER MINISTRIES page will introduce you to them and their ministry, as well as have a link to their website where applicable.